Touch Base™

Touch Base™
with Orit Tabachnik 
Designed for women by a woman

In this modern world we find ourselves multitasking at a faster and faster pace. We plow through tasks by shifting into autopilot and disconnect from our authentic self. –OT

When you “Touch-Base”with Orit Tabchnik, you not only get back in touch with yourself but also return to a place of more understanding where you can listen and communicate more effectively with loved ones.

     An integral part of her technique is the No-Fault Zone® Game, which she facilitates during the “Check-In” process to:

  • Gain clarity about your physical and emotional state.
  • Identify needs that are calling for your attention.
  • Find creative ways to care for yourself.
  • Resolve differences with integrity.

Orit’s guidance will empower you to recognize the choices you have in your daily life, and nurture a deeper connection to yourself and others.

In a comfortable home setting, Orit will help you release thoughts and emotions that are draining you of your precious energy. She then pampers you with a gentle massage, to reset your mind-body connection and leave you with an enhanced sense of wellbeing.

Dear Orit,
I had no idea how much I would gain from the “Touch Base” experience. I learned to identify the needs behind my feelings so I can have greater success addressing them and moving forward. The personalized, transcending massage that followed helped me to solidify what I had received during the session. I felt as if I had gone into a light sleep, and when I awoke I felt completely rejuvenated. I can’t thank you enough for this deeply enriching encounter.”
— Brenda

I am so grateful for Orit. Her kind energy put me at ease even before we got started. I felt no judgment during my check-in process and gained insight into a difficult relationship. Most importantly, I felt safe and cared for the whole session. The massage was incredibly relaxing. I can’t wait for the next one!

The No-Fault Zone Game enabled me to clarify my thoughts and focus on my feelings and needs. The massage enhanced the healing experience and took it to a deeper level. I appreciate the attention I received. Orit was present, gentle, and wise in her guidance and direction. I am so thankful!”
— Ruty Levy

Orit Tabachnik is the author of Now It’s Your Time, Mom! Her explorations in wellness and body-mind healing have included studies in yoga, Qigong, Swedish Massage, Shiatsu, body-mind integration, and training in Nonviolent Communication.

90 minute Touch-Base Session $100

One hour Massage $80

40 minute Check-In $40

Series of 3 Check-Ins $95

For women only

Address given with appointment.

The No-Fault Zone® Game was developed by Victoria Kindle Hodson and Sura Hart and is based on Nonviolent Communication SM