Touch Base™

In a comfortable home setting, Orit will help you release thoughts and emotions that are draining you of your precious energy. She then pampers you with an intuitive massage, to reset your mind-body connection and leave you feeling refreshed with a greater sense of wellbeing.

“I am so grateful for Orit. Her kind energy put me at ease even before we got started. I felt no judgment during my check-in process and gained insight into a difficult relationship. Most importantly, I felt safe and cared for the whole session. The massage was incredibly relaxing. I can’t wait for the next one!”

“Dear Orit,
I had no idea what to expect from the “Touch Base” process, and am pleased with how much I gained from the experience. With Orit’s gentle guidance I was able to learn and identity my unmet needs that were driving my feelings. Now I can have greater success addressing them and moving forward. The personalized, transcending massage that followed, helped me to solidify what I had received during the session. I felt as if I went into a light sleep and when I awoke I felt completely rejuvenated.
I can’t thank you enough for this deeply enriching encounter.”

“The No-Fault Zone Game enabled me to clarify my thoughts and focus on my feelings and needs. The massage expanded the healing experience and took it to a deeper level. I appreciate the attention I received. Orit was present, gentle and wise in her guidance and direction. I am so thankful!”
— Ruty Levy

Orit Tabachnik is the author of Now It’s Your Time, Mom! Her explorations in wellness and body-mind healing have included studies in yoga, Qigong, Swedish Massage, Shiatsu, body-mind integration, and training in Nonviolent Communication.

Touch-Base is intended for Women of all ages and in all stages of life.

90 minute Touch-Base™ Session $100

Series of 3 Touch-Base™ $250

Address given with appointment.

*The No-Fault Zone® Game was developed by Victoria Kindle Hodson and Sura Hart and is based on Nonviolent Communication SM

In this modern world we find ourselves multitasking at a faster and faster pace. We plow through tasks by shifting into autopilot and disconnect from our authentic self. –OT

Orit’s guidance will empower you to recognize the choices you have in your daily life, and nurture a deeper connection to yourself and others. 

Touch Base™
with Orit Tabachnik 

A dynamic mindful process that integrates guided
self-reflection, massage, and movement. 

* Gain clarity about your physical and emotional state.
* Identify needs that are calling for your attention.
* Find creative ways to care for yourself.
* Resolve differences with integrity.

When you “Touch-Base” with Orit Tabachnik, you not only get back in touch with yourself but also return to a place of more understanding where you can listen and communicate more effectively with loved ones.
Touch-Base allows you to set aside distractions, relax into your unique creative core, and deepen your sense of well-being.
     An integral part of her technique is the No-Fault Zone® Game*, which she facilitates during the "Check-In" process to: