Have you forgotten what it feels like to be your whole self again - relaxed, creative, curious, and engaged in life with joy? What it feels like to navigate your daily affairs trusting your inner compass? Life has a way of distracting us from what we care about most. We forget how to nurture our loved ones let alone ourselves.

Orit’s approach to self-care and mindfulness will guide you through a process of compassion, self-love, and self-acceptance. As she facilitates the No-Fault Zone® Process, she directs your attention inward to listen to the guidance within. To connect back to your authentic self, acknowledge your needs and challenges, and open yourself up to new insights about how to overcome them.

Orit Tabachnik is an experienced mindfulness mentor who guides women on a powerful inward journey using the No-Fault Zone® Process. Her calm, gentle personality creates a safe environment to explore feelings, needs, and choices.

Orit navigates this journey with interactive visuals that help you gain perspective and align with your purpose.  Along the way, you'll discover a state of mind that is more forgiving, considerate,
and kind to yourself and others - where it is easier to make connections, resolve differences, and welcome the change you long for.

Orit is a mother, mindfulness mentor and author of Now It's Your Time, Mom! She is certified and experienced in a range of body-mind healing modalities including: Yoga, Swedish massage, Shiatsu, body-mind integration, Qigong, and Nonviolent Communication.

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The No-Fault Zone® Process, based on the principles of Nonviolent CommunicationSM, was developed by Victoria Kindle Hodson (who has been Orit’s teacher and mentor for more than 12 years) and Sura Hart.  To learn more about * The No-Fault Zone® Process, see mindfulness page.

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