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Orit Tabachnik Mindfulness Mentor


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In today’s fast-paced reality of multitasking and running all over the place, mindfulness is a necessity. It counteracts our tendency to shift into autopilot and allows us to return to a pace of life that is more suitable for balanced living. As we practice mindfulness, it becomes easier to see that we actually have choices over the course of our day and can therefore prioritize what is important to us.

The benefits of mindfulness go on and on—from a scattered mind to a clear and focused one; from withdrawn to curious and engaged; from anxious to calm; from depressed and desperate to cheerful and confident; from intolerant to caring and compassionate.

Touch-Base™ is a collective of mindfulness practices designed to train the mind to work in a quiet, focused, deliberate manner. As you practice you will:

  • Gain clarity about your physical and emotional state.
  • Identify needs that are calling for your attention.
  • Gather new insights for overcoming daily challenges.
  • Stay focused and anchored in the present moment.
  • Bring to light the range of choices you have throughout your day.
  • Discover creative ways to care for yourself and your loved ones.

As you go through the above steps, compassion comes to the surface. From a compassionate state of mind, it is easier to resolve differences and find creative ways to care for ourselves and our loved ones.

Orit Tabachnik. is the author of Now It’s Your Time, Mom!, a mindfulness mentor, and a yoga
teacher who is trained and experienced in various body-mind healing modalities, including:
Swedish massage, Shiatsu, body-mind integration, Qigong, and Nonviolent Communication.
Currently, she is focused on teaching mindfulness via the Touch-Base™ Process.

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 Touch-Base™ for details.
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