The first step to mindfulness is learning to quiet the mind. Every person is different, and therefore, each person’s approach to inner quiet is unique. My approach to mindfulness draws upon: journaling, sitting quietly surrounded by nature, slow meditative walks or, alternatively, active hiking. It also incorporates practicing gentle yoga, various forms of meditation, and even doing arts and crafts.

 moment by moment awareness
awaking you to the wisdom within

​No-Fault Zone® Process


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While all of the above methods bypass the thought process, The No-Fault Zone® Process that I facilitate challenges the thought process and re-routes our thinking. Instead of being caught in an endless loop of who’s right and who’s wrong and who “should” do what, when, and how, we bring mindfulness to the forefront and take time to acknowledge what is happening in the present moment. This Process provides materials for revealing our unexamined feelings and needs and allows us to:

  • Gain clarity and understanding about ourselves and the challenges we face.
  • Bring to light the range of choices we have throughout our day.
  • Discover a state of mind that is more forgiving, considerate, and kind toward ourselves and others.

The No-Fault Zone® Process helps us connect with what is MOST IMPORTANT to us, and it brings into focus the actions that will serve our deepest intentions and purposes.

Orit relates: The process showed me how to be authentic with myself and others. To give honest feedback about what works or doesn't work for me. I learned to respect and accept what is reasonable for me to take upon myself and to listen and express myself in a way that supports connection with others. Consequently, interacting with friends and family is more real and engaging. I treasure the process that brought me here, and I look forward to sharing it with others.

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Session prices

No-Fault Zone® Process (NFZ).   $80 to $120.00 per 1.5-hour session. If you need special accommodation contact me.

The Body / Mind Experience.         $160.00 per 2-hour session.
Complement the NFZ process
with hands-on energy work.

Nature and Nurture.                          $120.00 per hike. Price can be split between participants.
Enhance your NFZ process with
an outdoor excursion.

Mindful in Your Space.                     $80 to $120.00 per 1.5-hour session. If you need special accommodation contact me.

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experience the NFZ process in
the comfort of your home.

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* The No-Fault Zone
® Process, based on the principles of Nonviolent CommunicationSM, was developed by Victoria Kindle Hodson (who has been Orit’s teacher and mentor for more than 15 years) and Sura Hart.  


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When we practice mindfulness we gently:
Clear our head and slow down our thinking to allow new insights to emerge.
Acknowledge our sensations and feelings.
Become aware of the way we interact with our self, others and our surroundings.

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