No-Fault Zone® Game

The No-Fault Zone® Game was developed by Victoria Kindle Hodson and Sura Hart and is based on the principals of (Nonviolent Communication 
SM) NVC SM .  It is an amazing visual to support us in developing personal awareness.

The game provides a:

  • Feelings card deck that helps us connect with our emotional state.
  • Needs card deck to help us identify and connect with our deepest values and human needs.
  • Choice card deck to remind us that we always have a choice about how we respond to a situation.
  •  Mat on which to place the cards that we choose and to give us a “read-out” about what is going on                 internally.

As we choose the cards that describe what we feel and what we need in the present moment, we gain clarity and understanding about ourselves and the challenges that we face.

The goal of the game is to deepen the connection with oneself and others. 


Just like muscles that need training to perform well, our mind needs training to stay focused. Left to its own devices, it wanders all over. Mindfulness allows us not only to focus our thoughts but also to break free from repetitious, habitual thinking that doesn’t serve us anymore. 


The first step to mindfulness is learning to quiet the mind. Every person is different, and therefore, each person’s approach to inner quiet is unique. My Touch-Base™ Approach to mindfulness draws upon any of the following: journaling, sitting quietly surrounded by nature, slow meditative walks or, alternatively, active hiking. It also incorporates practicing gentle yoga, various forms of meditation, and even doing arts and crafts.

While all of the above methods bypass the thought process, The No-Fault Zone® Game that I facilitate, challenges the thought process and re-routes our thinking. Instead of being caught in the endless loop of thoughts about who’s right and who’s wrong and who “should” do what, when and how, we bring mindfulness to the forefront and take time to acknowledge what is happening in the present moment.

moment by moment awareness
awaking you to the wisdom within

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