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Mindfulness practices are intended to quiet the mind and slow down our thoughts. As we practice them, we allow fresh, new insights regarding our circumstances to rise to the surface.

Why Mindfulness?

The world is so busy and full of distractions that days and weeks can pass where we are constantly preoccupied with all the things that demand our time, energy and attention. So, how do we stay focused on the things we really care about? The answer is to practice mindfulness; to take time to listen to ourselves.

Mindfulness is about training the mind. The mind is a wonderful instrument that can work for us, but if we don’t direct it, it will direct us. In order to be proactive in directing our mind, we first need to get in touch with what we value and what we want to manifest in our lives. Then, the next step is to find a way to incorporate those things into our daily, weekly and monthly experiences.

One way to do this is through a mindfulness practice called the No-Fault Zone Process® (NFZ®). Using interactive visuals (a mat with red, yellow, and green cards), and following the NFZ® guidelines, this step-by-step process directs our attention inward and shifts our focus from being critical towards ourselves and others to being curious and compassionate.

Before I found NFZ®, when an emotion came, the feeling took over, and I would get swept away in it. I didn’t know I had a choice in how I felt and responded to a situation. Just that knowledge that I do have a choice was very empowering and liberating. The more I practiced, the more it equipped me with the skills to handle situations in my life. Now it is easier for me to choose where I put my attention and whether or not I get swept away in a feeling.

In the No-Fault Zone Process®:

  1. Red cards have Feelings written on them. Choosing cards that are relevant to our experience and                    naming these feelings helps us get in touch with how the events in our lives really affect us.
  2. Yellow Cards have Needs written on them. These cards are at the core of this process because when we          connect to our needs, we connect to the life force within us.
  3. Green cards have Choices written on them. They show us that while events in our lives can happen                without our control, how we respond to them really is a choice.

The tricky part is that when we recognize needs, we are often attached to specific and familiar strategies to meet those needs. Unfortunately, those strategies often prevent us from seeing the range of choices that are available to us. This is when mindfulness is so valuable. Instead of being caught up in an endless loop of what we or others should or shouldn’t do to fulfill our needs, we quiet the mind, focus inward, and allow for fresh, new insights to reveal themselves. 


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* The No-Fault Zone
® Process, based on the principles of Nonviolent CommunicationSM, was developed by Victoria Kindle Hodson (who has been Orit’s teacher and mentor for more than 15 years) and Sura Hart.