“I can relate to almost every page of this book and upon reading it – felt understood, comforted and supported. As a parent, and especially as a mother, our children become the center of our universe and we tend to put our own needs last, very last, feeling guilty when we think about ourselves.

 Even though my children are grown, the book still offered me great wisdom … once a parent, always a parent. The intriguing and self-exploring questions are enlightening and truly transformative. It taught me how to explore my needs without compromising the care of my family. I highly recommend this book to mothers of any age.”

Brenda Citrom - mother, business owner


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Now It’s Your Time, Mom! is about Orit Tabachnik’s journey through her struggles with depression, mood swings and everyday tasks in parenting, and her successful rebalancing through self-care and making healthy choices.

Orit relishes the thought of mothers having “time on their hands” - the time to listen and care for their own needs. It is so important to take this time, yet most mothers simply don’t get around to it. Now It's Your Time, Mom! is a reminder for moms to remember how essential it truly is to take care of themselves, so they can then better care for those they love.

Her new book guides the reader to:

•  Reflect on subjects that relate to their mothering (or parenting) experience.

•  Develop self-awareness so they can recognize what they are capable of doing, what they enjoy doing and what is too much to handle.

•  Find ways to nurture and take better care of themselves so they can stay more centered, balanced, and creative.

Orit brings together several different tools and gives gentle guidance with her approach to healing through self-care, self-reflection, Nonviolent Communication skills, as well as with the simple questions (of past/present) and written exercises presented in each chapter. The reader will be able to utilize these questions to gain greater clarity in identifying how to best support their own individual needs – mind, body and spirit. 

Praise for Now It's Your Time, Mom!

“When I got home with your book and opened it, I was immediately drawn in – for a full hour. It’s so lovingly written and filled with such wisdom. I felt like I was talking (and listening) to you across the kitchen table. It will be a blessing to all those who read it.”

Nancy Schwartz – mother, librarian