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About Orit

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My name is Orit Tabachnik. After my younger daughter left for college and my book was published, it was time to explore what I wanted to do next.

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I let my curiosity lead me.

For years, I had been practicing yoga, so I decided to become a yoga teacher. For years, I had been doing arts and crafts, and I wanted to create more, so I become a quilter. For years, I had been learning Nonviolent Communication
SM (NVC). It was eye opening and gave me tremendous skills to navigate my life in the way that I wanted to, so I started to teach NVCSM via the No-Fault Zone® Process.*

It became apparent that I love doing things that help me relax, awaken me to life and color it with joy. Teaching mindfulness seemed to evolve naturally out of these practices. So, here I am inviting you to come along and share the journey with me.

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