Orit Tabachnik, a wife, homemaker and mother of two daughters, was born and raised in Israel before emigrating to the United States in 1989. Upon her arrival in Los Angeles she became a trained instructor of equine vaulting therapy working with children with disabilities. Seeing the profound effect of this unique therapy on these special children ignited a passion in her to learn more creative avenues for healing children, as well as her own personal health.

About Orit

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This path led her to explore and learn many aspects of wellness and body-mind healing, including yoga, qigong, various massage techniques, body-mind integration, Waldorf philosophy, as well as training in the field of Nonviolent Communication. By far, the most important lesson she learned on her journey was the necessity of ‘Self-Care’, while caring for others.

As she begins a new life phase, Orit looks forward to sharing her unique Self-Care approach to parenting with other women both through her book and through her private Touch Base sessions. 

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